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    Riskiest Jobs for Hearing Loss

    Years before the
    industrial revolution came into existence; humans were exposed to a large
    gathering and periodic storm in the name of loud noise. However, decades later,
    today, the picture is entirely different from what it used to be.

    Evidently, the sound is measured in decibels (dB). And apparently, 80-85 dB is enough to damage the hearing senses, even if the best hearing aids have been used.

    What a majority of people
    are clueless about is that out there, innumerable professions exist that
    generate loud noises, causing disastrous impacts on hearing. In most cases, it
    leaves people with complete hearing loss too.

    Did you know about these
    professions? This post comprises the top common but riskiest jobs that can
    affect the hearing power.

    Airport Staff:

    Those who are engaged in
    ground support staff are more prone to loud engines than others. Not just that,
    but the ones who are consistently transporting baggage and vehicles on the
    tarmac and compelled to converse across the noise as well.

    As mentioned above, 85 dB
    of sound is enough to cause hearing loss. However, what jets emit is up to 140
    dB, way higher than the bearable sound limit.


    Of course, they are
    considered real heroes without capes who save millions of lives each year by
    rescuing them from places on fire. However, while they are always held up with
    the rescue mission, what they don’t realize is that their lives are always on
    the brink of death.

    Accordingly, firefighters die because of sudden cardiac arrests while being on-duty. If not the sudden death, some of the common risks that firefighters take in their job are strains, wounds, cuts, sprains, bruising, muscular pain, and more.

    A lessor considered risk is their loud sirens and equipment can cause hearing loss.


    The compressed air, loud
    machinery, and reverberating of manufactured goods can cause a lot of hearing
    damage to workers. As per the statistics, 8 out of 10 have incurred a hearing loss from their jobs involved in the
    manufacturing industry.

    In fact, it has been
    reported that most of the hearing loss occurs within the 10 years of employment
    in any manufacturing company. And, since it is a gradual process, the damage
    may not come into notice until late. Keeping this in mind, it’s recommended to
    protect ears with some of the best hearing aid parts and devices.

    Hospital Surgeons and Dental Workers:

    Doctors, whether surgeons
    or dentists, who work with drills, hammers, and saws are exposed to decibel
    environment and high frequency, keeping the risk of hearing loss consistent.
    Basically, it is not the duration but high levels of noise and the sound
    intensity that causes more problems.

    On top of that, shiny
    floors and surfaces in an operating theatre can cause sound vibration,
    improving the extent of the damage.


    Among military veterans, hearing loss has become quite prevalent. Undoubtedly, spending too much time between aircraft engines, ship roaring, explosions, and gunfire can make the hearing senses extremely vulnerable.

    As per a study conducted
    by Hearing Health Foundation, more than 60% of combat troops that returned from Afghanistan and Iraq suffered
    hearing loss. In response to this issue, hearing protection measurements are
    being formed and followed.


    Whether you are playing in an orchestra or practice within the walls of your room, there is no denying the fact that musicians always live with a higher risk of hearing loss. Moreover, as per the experts, if the practice room reverberates, the person is at a significant threat.

    Leaving the electric
    guitarists and drummers behind, experts claim that a violinist can reach the
    maximum weekly sound dose just within the four days of playing the instrument

    Wrapping Up:

    While the impact could be gradual and slow as mentioned above, what’s more concerning is people not realizing the side-effects of the jobs they are involved in. For the ones who have already lost their hearing powers, choosing the best hearing aids would matter the most.

    And, the ones who haven’t started experiencing the symptoms yet, taking protective measures beforehand would be beneficial in the long run.

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